Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Line of Life


It's a poem today. Do have a read, comment and share.

Scratching and writing again
He wrote upon the Holy Paper
Eyes red without sleep
Brain overclocked without food
'A Masterpiece' he claimed
Done at last with his work
Send down did he to Earth
A human, a newborn, crying, eyes closed
A comma missed, fullstop in wrong
Life went on, the boy did grow
The missing and the wrong made the life
The memories forever etched in his mind
Return to Him afteral at the end
His face flowing, the question raised
'A masterpiece you crafted',he exclaimed
'My life, the best in the world!',he cried


P.S: What, or who, is the center of your life? The one thing or person you cannot live without?

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