Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Glass Slipper

Loneliness... it got to him.
Even though he said it did not matter, how much ever he tried to convince his mind otherwise, he knew it did.
His parents worried, his friends worried. His sisters worried. And he did not show to the world, his worries.

He put up a brave face. Tormented by the prospect of will it screw me up or will it not.
He knew many beautiful girls. But he was afraid to ask them out. He knew it might end in disaster. But it might not.

Every single step in life mattered. And he did Not have a significant other.
It made him furious. He knew he would be good at this stuff.
But he had no one to prove it with.

So he spent his time between the gym,his home and work. He became fit with each passing day. His work skills improved. And he tried not to lose hope.

One day, his Cinderella in The Pumpkin Chariot would ride up.
All he had to do was wait for her glass slipper to fall off and into his hands.

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