Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Rain Man

I saw you on that fine morning, sitting below that tree, all alone.
I came to you, talked to you. You were glad to make a new friend... Me too.
Then I started feeling something, something I tried to control. Maybe you noticed it... Maybe you didn't.
You play along... Then you feign interest. Then you drop your bag of insecurities on me and run away.
I'm left alone, standing in this rain, holding your baggage . And I see your shadow, far away, under an umbrella.
As I move closer, I see another shape with you under the umbrella. And you turn and tell me... 'Keep the baggage' and walk away.

- Sachin Nath

Saturday, 17 October 2015


Even as the shadow follows me
Into eternal doom as we walk together
Leave me, she shall the moment
The illuminating light disappears forever
Yet why is it that she considers me her own
Even when she knows that it is for naught
Seperate we will and must,
further pain to cause for her
Is it for loyalty to me she walks with me
And weep blood for me when I part
And what shall I consider of her
When I shall have to leave her in the light
For without one the other may die in sorrow
Yet sorrow is all we have in this happy world
O my Shadow, you complete my shattered profile

forever a memory in my mind, she who stood for me.

-Sachin Nath

Monday, 12 October 2015


Slowly, like a doom machine, it falls on me
Filled to the brim with a goo unknown to me
Shaped like the ideal human mould
The goo fills me at first as a liquid would
Then slowly, as the liquid dries out I can feel the force
Pressing on me from everywhere, to form an ideal work horse
Pushing out the me from me, like a task
Replacing me with nothing but an empty mask.

-Sachin Nath

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Man in The Shadows

I am not meant to leave these shadows my child
I am not meant to leave these shadows my child
Forever thrown into the darkness of whatever hell was chosen for him
Forever in the shadow of whatever great man has come before him
In chains, hidden as a rabid monster might be from light
In chains, same as Hyde was kept hidden by Jekyll from light.

- Sachin Nath

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Bull

As the shadows creep upon me
I see nothing behind me
The road ahead is lit like day
But I can't seem to find my way
Sudden as rain I am in chains
My hands, my neck and my body in pain
Driven as a bull by one after other
Always free from one to only reach another
One day finally I shall reach the end of this road
Only to understand that all I did was carry another's load.

Sachin Nath

Friday, 7 August 2015


It's a story again this time... something I wrote as overwhelming feelings overtook me and my every sense.

Even as the heart set it's eyes on her, the mind whispered... 'Stay back'
It knew what would follow. It had seen this countless times, felt the torture.
It did not need another one to add to the list.
In knew advertently it glanced to the cuts on his forearm... A remainder of all the torture.
The heart, no doubt delirious from its raw desires, paid no heed to his warnings.
He consoled himself, believing firmly that this time would be different.
What had he to lose, except more skin, blood and tears after all?

-Sachin Nath

Monday, 3 August 2015


It's a story this time. Something random. And probably doesn't make any sense. But anyways... here goes.

They sat together, facing the pouring rain. And for the first time in their respective  life's,  they felt a sense of calm washing over them. A sense of togetherness they had never felt before rooted in them, something they had never before realised exists in them. And at that moment,  both father and son alike understood the bond they shared, the golden thread of blood that connected them.
'Tell me Dad. Did you love your father? '
The father stared at his son for a while, then muttered in a low voice, filled with pain and longing.
'More than I could ever make him understand. '
He looked away, but the tears that ran from his eyes were not missed by his son.
'I'm sure he knew Dad. The same way you knew how I felt. I believe that he understood you better than you understood him. ' he said, smiling.

The father only smiled at his son, wanting to believe his words. He also wished, at that moment, that he had been as understanding as his son. And for a moment like this, with his father.

To be as lucky as that, you needed the favour of God's as well as blessings from Ancestors. Something he believed he had missed out on.

- Sachin Nath

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Dime of Friendship

As I turn and stare at my past
All I see is fog swirling fast

Even as I am hurtling towards my future
Unprepared I am as I was before this torture

As time and fate play cruel games
Distance gathers importance over frames

Staring into the unknown like a fool
Alone we are standing by the pool

Even if the fog makes sense over time
Without friends beside, would it be worth a dime?

- Sachin Nath

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


To forgive me is all I ask
While I take off my mask
Dare not scream at my face
I swear to never slow down the pace
In the dim light of dawn
A simple chess piece, a pawn
You have turned me into
A legendary in Kanto
Seen so rare in the light
But never hiding from a fight
Always afraid of history
Forever aware of the mystery
Even as the light reaches near
Scream you do in my ear
Never letting go of the pace
Staying inches away from my face
As everything around me starts to fade
Your voice remains as sharp as a blade
Echoing in my mind, my head, my soul
Forever paining me like a bullet hole.

- Sachin Nath

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