Sunday, 4 September 2016

Monster in Mishra

It's a story this time... Something dark.
Do have a read and comments are appreciated. 

He stared at the window in front of him, not registering the sun going down as time went by.
He stared at the appearing moon and stars, even as he heard the sobs coming from the other room. 
He took out a cigarette and lit it, the smoke dissipating into the air. 
There were several scratch marks on his arms and a bite mark on his biceps. He took no notice of the flowing blood as he took the first puff. He finished the first cigarette and then another and then another. 
And slowly, like the sun rising over the horizon, the truth of his actions hit him. 
His eyes widened in fear. He loathed himself. He wished that his wife wouldn't hate him. He looked in the mirror and saw nothing but a monster there, with big round eyes and bleeding arms.
‘What have I done? Oh My God, What have I done?’, he asked to an invisible entity, sobbing.
‘WHAT DID I JUST DO?’ he screamed out loud. And he didn't even realize as the sobs in the other room paused for a minute, and then continued. 
He took a vase nearby and threw it onto the floor. He went near the mirror in a fit of anger and punched it, destroying the mirror, all the while screaming out of frustration and anger at himself. Blood flowed from the newly made wound on his hand. 
He took a pen and a piece of paper. With shaking hands, he wrote a letter. His eyes could be seen filling up with tears. A few of them landed on the paper but he continued writing. The blood splattered over the paper, yet he continued.
He heard a door open and then slam shut. He placed the paper on the desk after signing it and put a book on it, partially covering the letter.
A scream from the other room made him realize that she had found out.
He ran out into the hall, pushing the woman coming at him away. She lashed out at him with her handbag, hitting him over the head. She was crying and screaming, ‘How Could You? You Monster?’
He ran out of his apartment, with his wife running behind him, throwing things she could fine, bellowing at the top of her lungs. 
He ran up to the roof and stopped at the edge.
‘How could you, you monster? She was your own daughter!’
He turned and then started speaking. His eyes were full and the tears could be seen overwhelming him.
‘I know I must be the most terrible man on this earth. Tell her I'm sorry and that I love her with all my life. And Mary… I don’t deserve you. Nor this life. This is Goodbye.’
Saying that he jumped off the building, while shouting’ I'm Sorry Dear’
On the way down, he saw his daughters face, looking out of the window. He saw the tear tracks down her face and her shock in finding him falling down.
‘Forgive me dear’ he whispered, hoping that she would see. 

And with a resounding thud, he fell on to the hard pavement. 
And Mr. Mishra was no more.
Blood pooled nearby his head, overflowing into the road. The slit veins continued to pump blood, gradually stopping. Passers-by ran around frantically, someone finally calling an ambulance. 

After some time, Mary found a letter that he had written on their room drawer. It was wet in some places and also had blood splats over it.
It said,

I am the worst father in this world. I should have realized there was this monster living inside me. I knew it all this while and I decided to not get help.  I have done what no father ever should think of, let alone do. For this, I plead your forgiveness. I have chosen to end my life because I don’t deserve to live in this world any more. Tell our daughter I am Sorry. Raise her with pride Mary. Raise her to be as strong as you. And our son as a stronger man than me, able to control his emotions.

Pleading your forgiveness,
Forever yours loving,
Madhav Mishra“

She took it and burned it over the fire, it's flames engulfing the paper bit by bit. But the light from the flames were nothing compared to the fire of determination in her eyes.

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This is purely a work of fiction and not at all related to anyone I know, living or dead. I hope I have not wounded anyone through this work because that was and never will be my intention.  

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