Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Smile of Life

Hey so it's a poem today... Not exactly a poem but some jumbled up words that just flew out of me... 
Guess it was the news of the deaths in my near family that made me write this. 

Anyways... Here goes. 

He smiled, his perfect teeth flashing in the light. 
His eyes showed no fear, his face no tears 
His children looked at him, the one with the beard and the ones without 
His son and his daughters and by the side, his wife
Thumping his chest he said, '90s the end, the book says so', 
The face hid the fear in his heart 
But the faces of his family made the fear, fear him 
Like a light shining in his heart 
Every choice reflecting his determination


P.S: What do you think is the greatest fear of a parent?


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  1. beautiful poem!

  2. Beautifully words to touch the heart.
    Beaing a mommy the biggest fear for me is his fading away of his smile. Wish his smile always shine as today

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    1. thank you very much... May your sons smile be everlasting :)
      And will visit for sure :)

  3. beautiful poem.... biggest fear of being parents is that they don't want that their child got lost in this world

  4. Gosh...there are so many fears that a parent has...difficult to pen them all down...but yes, one of them is: what if the child loses gratitude and respect for me?

    1. Oh... But do they? It is a valid fear but I think that gratitude and respect are always inside their mind.
      I think it's a bit confusing during the teenage phase.


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