Monday, 24 April 2017


When the heart does beat 
For one or none, it's no small feat
Hiding away myself, oh my dear
Out of nothing but for fear
Of what may be or what may not 
A night or day, my eyes bloodshot 
Far or near, the distance so clear
The pain nothing but a removable smear 
A journey in love, afar, begun in pain 
Temporary, a hope, forever, never a gain 
Hope, renewed, a star born new

A friend like you, oh, so few 

- Sachin 

Sunday, 23 April 2017


To live in the world is to pain
To pain in the world is to love
To bring life into the world she pains 
From that life our heart feels pain
For sorrow and joy sees no 'morrow
The present is all it sees 
Such a fickle companion these feelings 
Seen an instant, vanishes the next 
The marks forever remain so 
Until the wave of joy washes over 
Only to resurface again 

At the hands of the ones we love, we pain again

- Sachin Nath